domingo, junho 17, 2007
Where Man is sole success (a minha maneira de anuir, Tim :)
In viewing evolution we have the impression a force which is trying to use matter for its own ends, to twist the determinism of matter into a vehicle for free will.
The only success of this force is Man.
When we compare matter and mind we are struck by the contrast they afford; one makes for precision, the other for vagueness.
One makes for determinism, the other for freedom.

The origin of matter and mind is probably the same; evolution is but the splitting of this initial force into two elements, each opposed, yet each in a sense complementary.
Matter divides mind, makes it more precise; it intensifies it too, for it provokes it to an effort.
It draws from mind not only what it has, but what it has not, for it provokes it to new creations.
It is both an instrument and an obstacle.

Henri Bergson, Extract of the Columbia University Lectures, 6 Mars 1913
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